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JSI team is not just English courses, but a big team of dreamers and like-minded people and just people in love with their business
Direction: English courses
Slogan: Make a contribution to your future now
The company was established in 2014.

The founder is Bek Ismayilov

Bek Ismayilov was originally an English teacher, he opened the very first branch on Akinov 13, when the number of students began to increase, other branches began to open. At the moment the company has 8 branches in Almaty and online training in Kazakhstan and outside the country. Currently the company is managed by: Victoria Levanova, Maxim Stolyarov, Timur Isabekov, Safarova Zarina.
100 000+
Educated students
Give quality education at a low cost.

To popularize learning English and make it accessible among the residents of Kazakhstan and other countries.

JUST SPEAK IT is a big team of dreamers and like-minded people and just people in love with their business.

JUST SPEAK IT is about quality, about partnership, about honesty and sincerity.

JUST SPEAK IT is about caring for everyone.

JUST SPEAK IT is about striving and improving people and skills.

JUST SPEAK IT is a company that is not afraid to try new things.

Our corporate culture is contagious. It is not contrived, it is fair and humane - you can feel it in everyone involved in the company. It unites and unites the whole team. It is a culture without boundaries - it is not only part of working hours, but helps many people even outside of work.

Here you can make mistakes and not be afraid to be yourself.
Here you can realize yourself and your ideas.
Our culture is about constant team learning and building community among students. We are not just a company, but those who make a useful and necessary product for everyone.
Training format: Offline, online